Advice & Support

Office Hours

In addition to our events, we are here for you during our office hours all semester long twice a week. The present IKUS help with any questions and to convey you to any officials. Registration to our excursions and activities take place during office hours and you can pick up dishes from our shelf if necessary.

We know that the start of your time in Magdeburg might be tough, so during the International Welcome Weeks we are here to help you in iour office hours even more frequently, find the program here.

Pick Up Service

Every student has the chance to specify that he would like to be picked up upon arrival in Magdeburg by one of our members. You have to contact the International Office or directly send an email with your arrival date and time to IKUS. We take you to your apartment and help with the first questions. Please not that this offer is for full-time-students and freemovers only as the pick-up service for program-students (e.g. ERASMUS) is already organized by the international office.

Please note: We cannot pick you up from Berlin Airport, however, here we have put together some useful informations on how to reach Magdeburg from there. We can bick you up from Magdeburg Hauptbahnhof (Central Railway Station) or Magdeburg ZOB (Cental Bus Station).

Overnight Stay

The IKT has two guest rooms with four beds and a shower in each room. Thr rooms are intended as emergency accommodations. You can stay there up to three nights by paying a deposit of  80,00 € and a usage fee of 20,00 €. The rooms can be rented, if you arrive before the beginning of your actual rental agreement or in case of were not able to find another temporary accomodation (e.g. a hostel).

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