Cancellation the WelcomeWeek SS 19/20

11.03.2020 -

Due to recent developments regarding the corona virus in Germany, it became necessary to cancel or postpone our International WelcomeWeek SS 19/20 in order not to endanger the safety or health of the participants. Events that continue to take place can be found in our calender. We appreciate your understanding. 

Information about the corona virus and the behavior of the university, as well as contact information of our university's health management are linked on our homepage. Please check the OvGU homepage regularly for relevant developments.

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Living in the dormitories

15.10.2019 -

In case you missed our presentation last week, we have uploaded the presentation "living in the dormitories" here.

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First Steps in Magdeburg

15.10.2019 -

In case you missed our presentation last week, we have summarized the first steps in Magdeburg here.

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LSF & Timetables

11.10.2019 -

In case you missed our LSF-Workshop today, the faculty of economics and management prpared a guideline on how to use the LSF and create individual timetables. It is also valid for other faculties. You can find the guidline here.

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Travelling to Magdeburg

26.08.2019 -

New in Germany? You are not sure how to get to Magdeburg and your flat for the first time?

We have put together some information to ease your arrival here.

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Assistance in finding an Accommodation

20.08.2019 -

We know that finding a place to stay can be tough sometimes. That is why our Accommodation-Assistants will help you finding one. Find more information here.

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