A great part of our services would not be possible without the support of our partners and sponsors. Of course, we are also open to new partnerships - provided that both sides benefit. In the following, we would like to introduce our partners to you.

Above all, we owe much to our main sponsors and want to say "Thank You" to: 

International Office

This organ of our university guides international students at the OVGU and offers guidance to German students, who would like to go abroad. It is our most important partner, cause in agreement with the International Office we stage our events. Among this, our Welcome Weeks for welcoming new students, excursions and many events, which shall support you with your stay in Magdeburg.


DAAD - German Academic Exchange Service

This organization is one of our most important sponsors and enables the financing of our events. Through this partnership we can regularly stage events, keep prices low for excursions, and offer intercultural country nights. Many international students at the university are sponsored by the DAAD, too, so it is essentially responsible for the intercultural student life in Magdeburg and IKUS.


Studentenwerk Magdeburg

Our Studentenwerk (student union) provides accommodation to many students, helps with financial affairs, offers counseling (such as legal and social counseling), organizes different workshops and makes life more attractive for students in Magdeburg. A good example of the services that the Studentenwerk is the CampusTheatre. It is a place for theatre, readings, exhibitions, workshops, parties, cinema, concerts and much more. In addition, IKUS uses the facilities of Studentenwerk, helps you with communication with Studentenwerk in more complicated cases and supports you with many other affairs to support the staff of Studentenwerk.


Dormitory Advisors

The Dormitory Advisors are your contacts for any issues concerning everyday life in the dorms of the Studentenwerk Magdeburg. On top of this, they organize events, offer support communicating with the Studentenwerk or other university institutions and mediate in cases of conflicts in the dorms.


We have many other partnerships, too. A few will be shortly introduced:

Career Service of the University of Magdeburg

They offer counseling to students of the OVGU Magdeburg regarding their career planning. It stages application seminars to teach how to write applications according to "typical" criteria to companies in Germany and offers career counseling. As far as possible it also offers contacts into companies, if potential employers are on search for your abilities have come forward.


RIA - Department of International Affairs

The target group RIA are all students of the OVGU. They differentiate between Incoming International Students (IIS) and Buddys. IIS are international students, who do not take part in a Erasmus program and do not receive any other kind of guidance from the university's end. Primarily, RIA is aimed at full time students, meaning those, who would like to graduate at OVGU. Buddys are German and international students of higher semesters (no first semesters), who guide a IIS as a mentor in the context of the Buddy program.


SIMP-SON - Students International Mentoring Program - Social Organizational Network

This student initiative consists of German and international students with life and study experience in Magdeburg. The mission of SIMP-SON is to show freshmen the new environment of OVGU and the faculty of economics and management (FWW) as well as to facilitate the start for newcomers in Magdeburg.



This party and culture location is one of the most popular night spots in Magdeburg. Our Festival of Cultures takes place there and we organize several of our parties there, especially country nights.

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