International Welcome Weeks

From the beginning of next year, you can find the program for the summer semester 2024 here!

Students usually compare the beginning of their studies with the entrance into a whole new world: The schedule for the first semester has to be prepared, a variety of administrative tasks must be organized, the search for a flat and a lot more Moreover, one is on one’s own now in a new environment and many things must be arranged independently. This applies to German students as well as to Internationals.

The International Office organizes a program in cooperation with the IKUS, that is designed especially for the needs of our international freshmen and new exchange program students.

Our aim is not only to integrate the Internationals but moreover to bring German and international students together from the beginning of their studies to give them the possibility for new experiences and friendships.Further aims of the international welcome week are:

  • offer guidance for the execution of administrative procedures
  • facilitate the mutual experience for German and international students of what it means to be a student at the OVGU
  • freshmen should learn about the diversity of campus life, at the same time university and cultural groups have the opportunity to present themselves.

Have a look at the photos of the last welcome weeks here.

Here you can find information about our university, the city of Magdeburg etc.

Here you can find the current program of the International Welcome Weeks.

Here you can find information for international freshmen.

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