We IKUS have made it our mission to bring the German culture closer to international students. This also involves getting out of Magdeburg and visiting other interesting cities in Germany.

One-Day Excursions

Regularly, IKUS arranges excursions to a German city. After arriving in the city we usually have a guided city tour (in German and English). Afterwards, you get enough free time to explore the city "on your own". The announcement is made via our website or the Welcome-to-OVGU app. Students who want to register for our excursions can do so through the app. The price depends on the city and the program we have planned for you. In addition, a deposit of 5,00€ has to be paid at the IKUS office hours, which can be picked up again during IKUS office hours after participating in the excursion. It is important that you do not loose your deposit sheet! Previous destinations of our excursions have been: Berlin, Hamburg, Dresden, Potsdam, Wittenberg, Freyburg, Jena and Leipzig.

Big Summer Excursion

Every summer there is a large summer excursion. For three days, IKUS organizes an excursion into a distant destination. We provide accommodation and a sightseeing program, so that everybody is having a great time. During the last years we have for example traveled to Cologne and Düsseldorf (2016), Mirow (2017 and 2019) and to the Wannsee lake (2022). Check out a blog post about our last summer excursion to Mirow and have a look at the photos of previous excursions. In 2024 there will be another excursion in the summertime,


We are looking forward to exploring Germany with you!

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